The clinic was established in 1991 and is the main centre for patients
with HTLV-1 & HTLV-2 infection in the United Kingdom.


The aim of the service:

•  To assess, treat and manage patients with HTLV infection.

•  To offer counselling for patients with HTLV infection and their families.

•  To investigate why and how some patients with HTLV infection develop the disease.

•  To study and improve the treatment of patients with HTLV associated disease.


Other services include:

•  Pre-test information

•  Diagnostic tests and specialised investigations

•  Specialist multidisciplinary management of HTLV-associated diseases

•  Long-term follow up of HTLV carriers

•  Patient information and support

•  Advice on pregnancy and infant feeding

•  Research studies

•  Clinical trials


Covid-19 advice for those
living with HTLV infection

In order to best support people living with HTLV infection during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have considered advice from both Public Health England (PHE) and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

This is a new virus, and there are no data yet on how it will affect those living with HTLV infection.

For those with HTLV-2 infection we do not expect any impact of Covid 19 on this.

For those with HTLV-1, low proviral load (less than 4%) and asymptomatic infection, the risk may be the same as for those without HTLV infection and advice from the NHS and government for the general population applies.



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The National Centre for Human Retrovirology Clinic  Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Ground Floor, Winston Churchill Wing, St Mary's Hospital, Praed Street, London W2 1NY